Alcohol, Craft Beer, Tobacco, & Wine in Willard, MO

There’s no need to drive all over town trying to stock up for your next party. At Top Hat Package, we carry all the beer, wine and liquor you need, plus tobacco, CBD products and a variety of snacks. You’re sure to find all of the alcohol you’re looking for, and then some! We also offer alcohol delivery services for those who don’t want to leave home.

Craft Beer

Find Your New Favorite Beer

Years ago, the selection at your local store was probably pretty limited. However, thanks to the rapid growth of craft beers and an increasing number of imported options, that has changed dramatically. Come find out what new, exciting possibilities are on tap by perusing our huge selection of beers.

Explore the World of Wine

If the only thing you know about wines is that some are red and some are white, you’re cheating yourself out of an incredibly diverse array of flavors. Come expand your palate at our store in Willard, MO, where our knowledgeable team can help you get the perfect bottle to pair with whatever dish you’re serving. Want to expand your horizons even further? Our wine-of-the-month club will introduce you to limited-quantity and other specialty items!
Alcohol Delivery Services

Regular Tastings

Top Hat Package carries a comprehensive selection of liquor. Whether you’re looking for bourbon, vodka, tequila, rum, moonshine or something else entirely, if you want it, we’ve got it! While we all have our favorites, it’s also nice to branch out and explore new liquors from time to time, and our quarterly tastings offer a great chance to try something new and different. They’re a great opportunity to meet other passionate alcohol enthusiasts and challenge your palate!

Everything Else Your Party Needs

In addition to our selection of beer, wine and liquor, we’re also proud to be the premier tobacco supplier in Willard and Springfield, MO, offering cigars and other products for your smoking pleasure. And don’t show up to the party empty-handed—we’ve got soda, candy, chips and more!

Get Your Bar Ready

Whether you’re looking to stock the bar for your next event or you’re just looking for a new drink to pair with dinner this evening, Top Hat Package has your alcohol needs covered. Contact us at 417-742-4168 today to check our stock or ask about our alcohol delivery services.